About Me


Maria Alejandra (Mále) Rodríguez

I came into the world of new media not as an outsider, but as an early adopter. My love for storytelling led me to blogging and YouTube in their early years, while also studying journalism in its most transformative era at Loyola University Chicago. These platforms allowed me to showcase my passion in both traditional and digital techniques. Little did I know, my online activity would open new opportunities, launching a career in broadcast television and sparking a lifelong intrigue with digital storytelling.

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Blue 🔵 is my favorite color.
“Blue brainers’ intuition correlates with the right side creative thinking and their “the sky’s the limit” perspective. Their punctuation mark is a question mark because they like to ask questions about other people to learn more about them.
Historically, the Romans and Greeks attributed the color blue Venus, the goddess of #love. The Blue Brainers’ perspective is one of love and peace. Buddhist tradition, blue produces #peace of mind and equanimity. The Ayurvedic Science/Medicine and #Energy Healing aspect the fifth (throat) #chakra are the expression of #dreams, finding new connections, sharing, self-expression and joyful communication of their discoveries.
Blue also represents the sky, coolness and water. All three meanings symbolize a Blue brainers’ ability to be in the #creative flow. The ancient Greeks believed that blue is the color of #truth.
Blue brainers’ thrive on being true blue. They build their self-confidence on #truthfulness, #authenticity and helping others. A 💡represents a blue brainers’ “I’ve got an idea attitude.” (Sheila N. Glazov)

Blue, 🔵 it’s definitely my favorite color.