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Maria Alejandra (Male) Rodríguez



Blue 🔵 is my favorite color.
“Blue brainers’ intuition correlates with the right side creative thinking and their “the sky’s the limit” perspective. Their punctuation mark is a question mark because they like to ask questions about other people to learn more about them.
Historically, the Romans and Greeks attributed the color blue Venus, the goddess of #love. The Blue Brainers’ perspective is one of love and peace. Buddhist tradition, blue produces #peace of mind and equanimity. The Ayurvedic Science/Medicine and #Energy Healing aspect the fifth (throat) #chakra are the expression of #dreams, finding new connections, sharing, self-expression and joyful communication of their discoveries.
Blue also represents the sky, coolness and water. All three meanings symbolize a Blue brainers’ ability to be in the #creative flow. The ancient Greeks believed that blue is the color of #truth.
Blue brainers’ thrive on being true blue. They build their self-confidence on #truthfulness, #authenticity and helping others. A 💡represents a blue brainers’ “I’ve got an idea attitude.” (Sheila N. Glazov)

Blue, 🔵 it’s definitely my favorite color.